Jason Momoa Testimony Video: Amber Heard almost got fired from Aquaman 2

The video of Jason Momoa taking the side of Johnny Deep is a deep fake. But, it is edited in such a genuine way that one could really think of it as the real one.

Warner Bros thinks Amber Heard is not suitable for a role opposite Jason Momoa

Warner Bros. says that Amber Heard lacks chemistry with Aquaman Lead Star Jason Momoa and they are thinking to recasting someone else for the role. This thing was clarified by Amber’s agent in court on Thursday.

An edited video started circulation on this matter which became popular as ‘Jason Momoa Testimony Video’. In a video, it seems like the Court is having the testimony of Jason Momoa. It looks really fun to watch.

Watch Jason Momoa Testimony Video

Is the Jason Momoa Testimony Video real?

The video of Jason Momoa Testimony is not real and made by memers.

As the criticism preliminary between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard proceeds, a phony video of entertainer Jason Momoa giving his declaration in court has turned into a web sensation via web-based entertainment. The farce was altered to the point that netizens were persuaded he showed up in court.

Not at all like in the UK, camcorders are permitted in court in the U.S. This has prompted online entertainment being overflowed with a few parody recordings of the legal dispute in the beyond couple of weeks. One of them is the Jason Momoa video.

The 42-year-old entertainer worked with Amber Heard in the film Aquaman, delivered in 2018. He likewise imparted the screen to the entertainer in the impending spin-off Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Momoa has not been called as an observer in the preliminary.

Be that as it may, an online entertainment client shared their translation of what it very well may resemble assuming he showed up in video declaration.

The video was made by YouTuber GeoMFilms and has since amassed more than 1,000,000 perspectives across online entertainment stages.
Johnny Depp is suing his ex and entertainer Amber Heard for $50 million after she composed a 2018 commentary piece.

At the equivalent, she expressed that she was a casualty of abusive behavior at home. The preliminary has turned into a viral point on the web. Numerous images and farce recordings of the court fight have seemed on the web.

The two-minute, 15-second video was made to appear as though the entertainer had joined the preliminary through a video call connect.

In the clasp, Momoa is reprimanded by Heard’s legal counselor not expressing welcome to her during the preliminary.

The Aquaman entertainer then, at that point, continued to tell a progression of wisecracks. Whenever found out if he functioned as an entertainer close by Heard, Momoa wryly answers, “No, as janitors.”

In the fan-most loved video, he likewise alludes to Heard as Amber Turd.

In the video, Johnny Depp, his legal advisors, and the individuals who showed up in court can chuckle wildly at Momoa’s reactions in the preliminary.

Taking everything into account, the video isn’t genuine. Truly, it is taken from the film of Momoa in a 2020 meeting that was done on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The maker of the video has named the recording with counterfeit statements changed in a way that prompted its watchers being tricked.

By May 20, Jason Momoa had not stood up in the continuous maligning preliminary. Elon Musk and James Franco were likewise recorded as observers for Heard. Notwithstanding, Musk affirmed that he wouldn’t be standing up. Franco has not shown up as an observer by the same token.

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